Teaching Responsibilities

I currently teach in 3 courses at the University of Wisconsin.

Dairy Science 305-Lactation Physiology (3 credits)
This course focuses on the biochemistry, molecular biology and endocrinology associated with milk synthesis and secretion, as well as mammary gland development.  There are 2-1 hour lectures and a 2 hour laboratory component to the course and it is taught in the fall.
Prepping an udder for our udder dissection
Our new udder model for teaching
Dairy Science/Animal Science 373-Animal Physiology (3 credits)
I co-teach this course with Dr. Milo Wiltbank.  We examine whole animal physiological systems and how the processes work together to make the body function.  This course consists of 2 1:15 minute lectures.  This course is taught in the Spring.
Dairy Science/Animal Science 875-Pregnancy, Parturition and Lactation (2 credits)
This is a graduate course offered through the Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology Graduate program.  It is co-taught with several instructors and is offered in the Spring of odd years and is coordinated by Dr. Ron Magness.
Undergraduate Laboratory Opportunities
I typically have up to 6 undergraduate students at any one time working on research projects in my laboratory.  We have a variety of projects that appeal to students who may be interested in working with large animals, small animals or molecular biology and cell culture.